This non-representational piece was done in 5 firings. The first was a 2030 sifting over a mask over raw copper. Then two nut brown siftings over the first area. This was done in two stage because the first firing was not large enough to me. I brushed away the nut brown from part of the original clear / scale firing and then sifteda re transparent over the bottom of the piece. The forth firing was the sift through a screen made from what looked like an onion sack but it wasn't mine so that is a guess. The final fire was the opaque gray at the top. As I removed the straight line mask, the copper shifted and caused the gray enamel to shift slightly down which I liked and left in the piece. The dark area in the center is simply fire scale that held up through all those firings, no enamel applied. I liked the contemporary look of it when complete.