These decals of trees were all placed on raw copper half covered with 2030 after being fired. The decal was detached from the paper backing in water and slid onto the enameled half of the piece. The short process for applying the decals is to fire for 30 seconds only at 1350 degrees, no more, no less. More will muddy the image or burn it out completely. This fast process does not create a shinny surface of the decal. It creates a matt black finish which looks good with the rustic background of these firings. If you want a shinny surface you have to use the long fire in your programmable kiln. That is ramp at 250 to 350 degrees for 20 minutes. Then 500 to 800 degrees for 10 minutes and finally 1200 to 1200 degrees for 5 minutes. The last phase at 1200 is the phase that fires the decal so watch it after 2 minutes to see when it turns shinny then take it out. This produces a glossy finish like any enamel and looks very nice. The wait obviously is much longer but if you want the shinny it is the only way to get it. These decals are enamel decals, that is to say they are made of enamel and are from which sell decals meant for fused glass but work fine on enamels as I found out. Tanya Veit at AAE is in the know there so let her know what you have in mind for the decals you buy.