This piece used three pieces of copper. The base piece is raw copper that scaled some after counter enameling it. Then fired with a 2030 over the scale. A clear over scale always makes a nice burgundy color which I like. The next piece has a sifting of transparent red to transparent mauve purple then mask sifted on two corners with two different mask screens. One I think is an onion sack. The final green piece is a silk screen made from Rizo film through a thermofax machine which was very hard to set and created very few usable screens. I do NOT recommend you pay $900 for this piece of equipment. Use the EZ Photo film instead which uses a 30 second sun light exposure.

P.S. The Chinese letter in the lower right corner is polymer clay and is my chop. The letter means DREAM. I put it on all my work even though some on this site do not have them yet.