Tentative Class and Demo Outline (Not Written in Stone)

Sunday – Student Introductions, Shop Layout & tool kit check, Safety, General discussion of resource page, class outline & 3 dimensional ideas, progress of tent piece.
Homework Assignment - If you have a mobil phone or computer, google either 3 dimensional art, 3 dimensional popup books, or 3 dimensional wall art or 3D landscapes. Any flat art can be made into a multilayered 3D project and It does not have to be designed as complicated as what you find. You are looking for possible ideas, shapes, or objects that might compliment each other in 3D format. Be sure to bookmark what interest you so you and I can discuss its possibilities. Good decisions to start (Representationl or Non-Representational design formally known as contemporary or abstract and recently POP thanks to artist like Ancy Warhol), Types of metal work needed, color scheme if you want one (color wheel may help), frame or display method (in frame or free standing), What will your accent point be (you do no have to have one if it doesn't need it),

Monday Breakfast 8:15 Class Begins at 9:00 AM
Are you thinking about any 3 dimensional ideas.
Demo 1
Cleaning Copper
Shifting Enamel
Firing Enamel
Student execute firing of 6 squares with Counter Enamel and 4 Face opaque colors for process test
Demo 2 Stenciling, Silk Screen and Rubber Stamp (use 2 fired sample with counter and face enamel)
Lunch - 12:15
Demo 3 Acid Etch for Matt Surface and underglaze pencil (use 2 fired samples with counter and face enamel)
Underglaze has no glass (may or may not need top clear enemel 2010 if doesn't fuse to base enamel)
Discussions of 3 Dimensional ideas as group and individual analysis

Give out frames and discuss designs

Demo 5 Sawing and metal work based on design components
Demo 6 Underglazing & Overglazing with liquid form (for sgraffito), sun shine, watercolor, pencil & decal (Sunshinne Paints may be torched fire if pieces are small enough)
Demo 7 Using decals if printer is working.(May need new sample squares.)
Demo 8 Assemble methods as applies to project
Possible Demo Roller mill for textures and disc punching. (Used mostly for jewelry projects)

Wednesday Metal working individual discussion for you design and best enameling techniques for design or scene and begin metal work enameling as needed based on frames.

Thursday Continue on 3 dimensional project assembly. Glue needs 2 hours cure time to keep from sliding..

Friday – Finish assemb as early in morning as possible or do a simple project or jewelry piece. For possible ideas Go Here