Mame was one my favorite set because I got to play a part. All the actors I love as friends were in this play.Ann Pourciau played Mame and was her usual, "Fall Right into The Part", self. I wish I could remember the entire cast but I can not. Perhaps I can find a list and post it later. Lori Guidry played the best part ever, although she did NOT want to try out. I thought she would be perfect so I practically pushed her on stage. She got the part was stold the show. I think she is a psyciatrist not so she is definitely over her shyness. As the set changed for act 2, the furniture move behind a black drape at where the red curtains are. The stairway was hidden with no lighting on it. The Star had no curtain so everything had to be done at intermission infront of every one. Broadway stage designer would have been appalled. The city scape behind the windows was a py cut out handing from a scrim bar. I was pretty pleased because I wanted it to look like a city with lit street between rows of buildings. The art deco sides were playwood as well. I still have that bend iron chair and hat rack but both are black now.